The regular customers of the company are large international companies and Russian enterprises located all over the country.

About company

Multiflex is one of the first producer of flexible packaging materials in the new Russia and has more than fifteen years of experience of manufacturing of the complicated multilayer packaging materials with highest quality of printing the modern technology allows.

The regular customers of the company are large international companies and Russian enterprises located all over the country. Multiflex is successfully meeting certification requirements to the production and products set by our customers.

The company’s specialists share their wide experience to customer’s employees in order to reach a maximum effectiveness in use of the company’s packaging materials on the customer’s equipment.

Multiflex’ research department could suggest new flexible packaging solutions which a customer never used that would turn out be more effective one economically with preserving or surpassing the features set for the packaging materials used earlier.

Strategic goals of the company

  • to secure customers with a reliable, high quality and economically viable flexible packaging solutions
  • to provide customers with a service that will fast and flexible resolve the issues of planning, production, storage and use by them of packaging materials manufactured by Multiflex
  • to suggest new technological solutions to customers that would meet its quality requirements to packaging and would reduce its cost